I watch far too much TV . It is a distraction but also a remedy to the noiselessness that seems so daunting. Now I write about that distraction. There is a danger when a distraction is what you write about because everything then becomes wholly insular. It also allows you to maintain that behaviour while think it to be productive because you somehow manage to complete something while being distracted.

I watch documentaries to feel as if I am immersing myself in culture. The problem however is that in order to write philosophically, in the way I am to within the next five years this is a habit I need to break.

Habits are notoriously easy to fall back and resort to in moments of stress, boredom and desire. Watching television is a quick fix for empty day. Time could be spent another way and probably should be spent otherwise.

In the next few years I intend to break this habit and to immerse myself completely into philosophy. This sounds pretentious and precocious. It is probably best that it does, otherwise I do not aim high enough.


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