All must have prizes by Melanie Phillips

In the last week I have read Phillips’ book on the state of education and its decline over the last few decades – beginning in the 1960s and ending in the 1990s (the book was first written in 1996. The fact that the book ends in the 90’s is no testament to the rise in […]


Tom Stoppard

I have recently read a number of plays by the British play write Tom Stoppard. If I am honest I had not heard of him or his work until watching the BBC Imagine… documentary about his work and life. His work is funny and absurd in many ways. My focus on Heidegger’s philosophy led me […]


I have never actually seen The Shining but I have watched the documentary Room 237 which explores the different subtexts of the film many times. The ability to have an insight into something is then more important than actually seeing the work itself. Here I mean seeing the work itself in a Heideggerian sense. Not […]


David Mitchell and Stephen Fry, just to pick a few names out of a large number, are intelligent people who appear on British television regularly. It is not unfair to suggest that they themselves probably do not watch much television which will account for their higher-than-average intellect. (Their intellect my actually be why they do […]


There is a danger in wishing to have understood everything during the process of writing a dissertation. I have spent the last year working on a 90 page Masters by Research dissertation about how Heidegger can alter the way we view graffiti and street art within the context of the city. I submitted it three […]

Heidegger was not a Nazi.

Or was not at least an enthusiastic one for very long… While he was a member of the party Heidegger was not an avid Nazi. A lot of the discussion focused on his work are about his connections to National Socialism, as well as the political rhetoric of that time as well as his anti-Semitic […]


When I was doing my undergraduate degree I had lecturers apologies for the topic on which they were about to speak. This happened for a number of reasons. Perhaps the topic was a sensitive one or was a little crude. These are somewhat understandable. Or at least more understandable than this next one: the fact […]

An argument for Libraries.

There is something in the idea of the library that is pure fetishization. It is seen almost as a well from which all the monumental ideas of the world have ever arisen. The feeling, the smell, of the books. We see the library as the bearer of ideas. Perhaps a library is and should be […]

August is Over

I must admit last month didn’t exactly go to plan. The latter half especially, as you can probably tell from the lack of posts about my progress. One thing that I have gained from last month is having broken my habit of watching YouTube for hours on end. I do feel like I have more […]